How To See Someones Birthday on Snapchat

How To See Someones Birthday on Snapchat

Snapchat has emerged as a platform that does more than share fleeting moments. It connects, engages, and celebrates occasions with your friends, like their birthdays. Are you wondering how to see someone’s birthday on Snapchat? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the Snapchat world easily and excitedly.

Understanding Snapchat’s Birthday Features

Snapchat, known for its dynamic and interactive features, celebrates its users’ birthdays uniquely. Understanding these features will guide you to see and celebrate your friends’ birthdays in a fun-filled way.

Snapchat’s Birthday Party Feature

Snapchat’s Birthday Party feature is designed to make birthdays special. It creates a custom story, visible only to the birthday person and their friends. It also lets you send private snaps to the birthday person to make their day extra special.

The Birthday Cake Emoji

Snapchat uses a birthday cake emoji to denote a user’s birthday. You can see this emoji next to the user’s name on their birthday.

Zodiac Emojis

Once a user’s birthday is added to Snapchat, zodiac emojis reflecting their sun sign will appear next to their name.

Steps to See Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat

Here are the easy-to-follow steps to see someone’s birthday on Snapchat.

Step 1: Adding Friends

First and foremost, ensure you have added the person whose birthday you want to view as a friend on Snapchat.

Step 2: Check Their Snap Map

Snap Map showcases a birthday cake icon on the person’s Bitmoji if it’s their birthday.

Step 3: Look for the Birthday Cake Emoji

The birthday cake emoji will appear next to your friend’s username on their birthday.

Step 4: View their Zodiac Emoji

Check out their Zodiac emoji to learn about their sun sign, indicating their birthday period.

Step 5: Join the Birthday Party

Participate in the Birthday Party feature, where you can join the celebration by sending snaps and messages.

Enabling Birthday Features on Snapchat

Ensure you and your friend have enabled the Birthday Party feature to see your friends’ birthdays.

How to Enable Your Birthday Party

Go to settings on your Snapchat profile, select “Birthday,” and then enable “Birthday Party.” You can make your birthday party visible to friends or keep it private.

How Your Friends Can Enable Their Birthday Party

Your friends should also enable their Birthday Party for you to see their birthday. If they’ve chosen to keep their birthday private, unfortunately, you will not be able to see it.

Snapchat Privacy Considerations: Snapchat prioritizes user privacy, allowing users to control who can see their birthday. Only when users opt to share their birthday with friends can you see and celebrate it with them?

Seeing Friends’ Birthdays: To see someone’s birthday on Snapchat, they must have the Birthday Party feature enabled and their privacy settings set to share this with friends.

Your Birthday Privacy: Make your birthday visible to all Snapchat friends or keep it private. If you decide to share, your friends will enjoy celebrating with you through Snapchat’s fun features.

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Facing issues seeing someone’s birthday on Snapchat? Here are some possible reasons and solutions.

Issue: Birthday Feature Not Enabled: If your friend hasn’t enabled the Birthday Party feature, their birthday won’t appear on Snapchat. You can gently remind them to turn on this feature if they’re comfortable sharing.

Issue: Privacy Settings: If the user’s privacy settings are set not to share their birthday, you will not be able to see it. Privacy is paramount, and sharing personal details should always rest with the user.


1. Why can’t I see the birthday cake emoji next to my friend’s name?

This may be due to your friend’s privacy settings or not enabling the Birthday Party feature.

2. How do I enable my birthday on Snapchat?

Go to Snapchat settings, select “Birthday,” and enable “Birthday Party.”

3. What does the zodiac emoji beside my friend’s name mean?

The zodiac emoji reflects your friend’s sun sign, as per the birthday they’ve entered on Snapchat.

4. How can I wish my friend a happy birthday on Snapchat?

You can use the Birthday Party feature to send snaps and messages to your friend on their special day.

5. Can I see a friend’s birthday if they’ve kept it private?

No, if a user decides to keep their birthday private, you won’t be able to see it.

6. Can I see the birthdays of all my Snapchat friends?

You can see the birthdays of those friends who have enabled the Birthday Party feature and chosen to share their birthdays with friends.

7. What is the Birthday Party feature on Snapchat?

The Birthday Party feature on Snapchat is a special feature that creates a custom birthday snap story and allows friends to send snaps and wishes to the birthday person.

8. Does Snapchat notify friends about my birthday?

If you’ve enabled the Birthday Party feature and chosen to share it with friends, Snapchat will show a birthday cake emoji next to your name and a party popper icon in the chat window.


Snapchat has turned the simple act of wishing “Happy Birthday” into a fun-filled, engaging experience. So, follow the steps above the next time you want to see someone’s birthday on Snapchat. Celebrate, connect, and keep snapping!

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